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Transalpina landscape

Romania's hunting potential

Romania has a high potential for passionate hunters as it offers only wild game, in a genuine, almost untouched landscape, while offering excellent to VIP accommodation conditions and services based on an excellent infrastructure. The quality of the trophies goes from good to outstanding.

The landscapes are magnificent and huge areas are as if deprived of human presence. In many mountain areas you can walk days and see only very few peopl. The game is always 100% wild animals, thus adding more emotions and some new dimension to your hunting experience. Weather conditions go from a normal 22 to 30C, to a sometimes very hot 38-40C in the summer, to an average of +5 to -10 with sometimes down to 25-28C in the mountains and some "cold spots" areas. The hunter must be equipped according to the field and conditions at the place and moment of the hunting action. Autumn is often a kind of "Indian summer", with mild temperatures, mostly dry and pleasant. Hunting in Romania is not only a hunting experience, it is also a human and cultural experience that opens a new window on Europe. It’s an adventure in the wilderness in safety and excellent conditions. It also adds a new experience in gastronomy, as many specific dishes are proposed, accompanied by local wines in traditional style.

Our hunting areas are part of a unique natural environment, a very special ecosystem, pools of all types and sizes with equally different species of vegetation, swamps, woods and reeds which provide a natural and ideal habitat for migratory and which find in this environment, food and shelter in abundance.
And there’s more thanks to the massive and intensive cultivation of thousands and thousands of acres not only of sunflowers, maize, corn, etc., but orchards and vineyards, this huge quantity of food attracts steadily an incredible amount of game of all kinds.
Furthermore, the areas are situated in the heart of an ideal territory where you can find thousands of doves, pigeons, starlings, woodcock, snipe, quail, thrushes, skylarks and many other types of migratory and present in quantities truly exceptional. The wild boars also very present in our areas of hunting are taking on huge proportions: up to 250 kg samples being far from rare. Even jackrabbits hares are very common; the vast expanses of farmland are an ideal habitat for those species.

Decebalus Rex in Danube's Cauldrons
cruses specific to Horezu region in Romania
pottage of chicken and vegetables with parsley on top
national folkloric Romanian dance
girls dancing a medieval dance of princesses
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