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cruses specific to Horezu region in Romania
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Romanian Folklore

A rich variety of traditions still exist in Romania. The Romanian peasants maintain and cherish their age-old customs and can offer you an authentic experience. Go vacation in Romania!

While communism
was a great system for making people equally poor, the isolation imposed by Ceau┼čescu (the last communist leader) resulted in the continuance of a peasant life style. If you visit  Romania, you will be amazed by still finding folklore in its natural environment. Its  beauty and variety  can hardly be described in several words, but what is really impressive is how naturally these people live integrating the ancient customs in their daily life, preserving them without any effort or purpose.

There is almost no seasons without feasts, festivals or food and art trades. Therefore whenever you decide to travel in Romania you will surely can find something to see and experience. Here is a glimpse upon the folkloric richness of  our country that will surely stir up your curiosity.

bride and groom in Romanian traditional costumes at wedding

Romanian folk dance

Folk ensembles and village folk dance groups can be found in almost any larger village. The beginning of folk performances in Romanian villages can be traced back to the mid nineteenth century and earlier. Any folkloric Romanian dance is a joy for any viewer as beauty of motifs, musical rhythm and regional style are shown off by a vivid choreography.  Romanian folkloric dances are usually classified by their formation: chain dances, men's group dances or couple dances. They are usualy accompanied by rhythmically loud shouts and calls ("strigaturi") that seem to be specific to Romania. You will have an unforgetable experience feeling the rythm of such an entertaining dance in our tours.... read more>

Romanian dancers called calusarii
Romanian dancers performing  in couples
folk dancers performing in a restaurant
Romanian dancers performing in front of tourists
Romanian men performing a folk dance
folk ensemble from Brasov
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