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The Romanian spa and wellness resorts offer therapeutic prevention, rehabilitation, recovery and treatment for many types of illenesses, as well as a large range of facilities and procedures for relaxation and rehabilitaion that spoil, relax and detach their clients from the daily routine.

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Please find below details of Romanian spa & wellness resorts. If you cannot decide which is the best resort for you please send us the prebooking form specifying in your comments that you cannot choose a certain resort. We will recommend you the resort we consider best for your needs.

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Travel Information
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Natural curative factors

Baile Felix

Types pf thermal mineral waters: sulphated, calcic, bicarbonated, siliceous, sodic
Fossil sapropelic mud

Therapeutic indications

Rheumatic diseases:
- abarticular rheumatic diseases (tendonitis, tendomyositis, scapulohumeral periarthritis)
- inflammatory rheumatic diseases
(ankylosing spondylitis, polyrheumatoid arthritis)
- degenerative rheumatic diseases
(spondylosis, arthrosis, polyarthrosis)
Post-traumatic disorders
Peripheral and central neurological disorders (light pareses, sequels after poliomyelitis etc.)
Ginecological diseases
Associated diseases (endocrinological, nutrition and metabolic diseases)


kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, baths in warm mineral waters, hydrotherapy, aero and helio therapy in hidroterapie;  aerosols; medical gym, light baths, sauna, antismoking laser therapy, geriatric and cosmetic treatments in a cabinet authorized by Ana Aslan Institute;

Baile Govora

Natural curative factors

Types pf thermal mineral waters: the chlorided-sodic, iodinated, brominated, sulfurous waters (used for external cures) and the magnesian, calcic, slightly sulphurous, hypotonic waters (for internal cures);
Mineral mud extracted in the locality
Fossil sapropelic mud brought over from Ocnele Mari.

Therapeutic indications

Respiratory diseases (bronchial asthama, chronic bronchitis, lung emphysema, microbial or viral pneumopathies, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis etc.);
Rheumatic diseases:
degenerative rheumatic diseases (spondylosis, arthrosis, polyarthrosis)
- abarticular rheumatic diseases
(tendonitis, tendomyositis, scapulohumeral periarthritis)
Peripheral and central neurological disorders (light pareses, sequels after poliomyelitis etc.)
Post-traumatic disorders
Associated diseases (gynecological, endocrinological, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary etc.).


baths of warm iodinated and sulphuruos mineral water, applications of worm mud, pneumotherapy, electrotherapy, kinetotherapy, treatmens with apiarian products, children's sanatorium for rheumatic and respiratory diseases.


Natural curative factors

salt mine microclimate

Therapeutic indications

Allergic respiratory diseases;
Chronic evolving infectious and allergic (asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD)


respiratory physiotherapy sessions (gym equipment), aerosol, SPA, fitness, facial treatments


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